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Just like we need checkups with our doctors, cars need them, too. Scheduling routine maintenance with our Millville mechanics for your vehicle helps catch little problems before they become big ones. This way, you avoid those surprise troubles and ensure your vehicle always runs smoothly.


Accidents happen, and when they do, Cherry Collision is here to help. If you can’t drive your car after an accident, we’ll tow it to the mechanics at our Millville body shop. Plus, we know you’re busy, so we’ll give you a ride back home or to your workplace in the local area. 

Regular oil changes are vital to your vehicle’s performance. Over time, the oil gets contaminated and can run low, and vehicles need fresh oil to keep running great. Unsure about which oil service your car needs? Don’t worry! Our oil change team in Millville offers services that are  upfront and honest. We won’t push you into buying services you don’t need. We focus on what’s best for you and your car.

Every vehicle, large or small, can sometimes have problems. Whether your engine is making a weird noise or the air conditioner is not cold enough, we’ve got your back. Our mechanics in Millville is skilled at finding problems and fixing them, specializing in diagnostics, repair, and replacement for transmissions, cooling systems, engines, clutches, radiators, electrical systems, and hydraulics.

Tires play a huge role in how your car handles on the road. If you’ve got a flat or if your car pulls to one side while driving, let Cherry Collision look at it. We’ll find the problem and quickly take care of it for an honest price.

A car with failing brakes is a scary ride. If you hear squeaky sounds or if the brake pedal doesn’t feel right, it’s best to have our professionals check it out. Our team will inspect and repair any brake issues so you can drive safely and with confidence.

Hearing a loud noise or rumble from below your car? That’s usually caused by the exhaust pipes or muffler system. Our car service experts in Millville can resolve any exhaust or muffler system issues quickly, safely, and properly.

Every time you drive, it should feel smooth and enjoyable. If the steering feels too tight or the car shakes more than it should, it’s time for a visit to our Millville auto repair center. We’re here to make sure your car is performing properly and safely.

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